Requirements and Guidelines

Speech, Debate & Theatre Association Fee Structure

Group/Individual Membership Fee
100% Organization (Tier 2-A) (50-100 members) $16
100% Organization (Tier2-B) (100 – 999 members) $14
100% Organization (Tier2-C) (1,000+ members) $10

Requirements and Guidelines

100% Organization (Tier 2) – State organization that is performing arts specific or any local organization:

  • 100% of organizational members must be NFHS Speech, Debate & Theatre Association members
  • Minimum number of organizational members must be met on the initial submission
  • All records must have a unique ID# assigned to them (No SSN) that never changes and not reused for future member records. (Note: If not submitted electronically with unique ID#, membership fee is $20 per member.)
  • All submissions of membership data must be electronic (disc or e‐mail, contact NFHS for more information)
  • Membership begins upon receipt of appropriate fees and data
  • Membership period is one year from the date payment is received by the NFHS
  • One (1) contact person must be provided to the NFHS that is responsible for submission information, billing, correspondence, etc.
  • Membership cards sent by NFHS to individual members via first class mail

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Contact Kathy Caudill at for submission information or questions.